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Installation of the Magnetic Door Lock


The magnetic door lock basic comprises a magnet and armature plate. It uses electric power and can be referred as the electro-magnetic door lock or the mag-lock. It offers higher security than the traditional lock. It does not respond to mechanical pressure making it hard for ill-mannered people to tamper with. It also has a low probability of failing. It is door lock that offers high security. It can stay for a longer duration than most other typical locks. In case of power loss, you need to have a power backup system it needs a constant power supply.


Installation of the magnetic door lock can be personally by you. You need to unpack the door lock from the manufacturer properly and then look at the installation manual. Following the eight step procedure, you will be able to install the lock system.  The process won't be complicated if followed step by step and keenly. It is, however, possible to make mistake when doing a step and this can make the whole thing complicated since the magnetic door lock is a high security measure, it is better than you leave it to the expert. The capitol hill locksmith can help you with the installation of the magnetic door. They will assist you with other tasks to ensure that you guard your premises to the highest level.


If you have other locksmith services requirement, they can give you high quality services. They do not comprise on the lock since they are aware of what is its role. This is why they give the best when you ask them to assist you with any type of lock installation services. They make sure that the lock is perfectly installed and that is performing optimally. They ensure that each lock is installed using the right equipment and right steps have been followed.


If you have other types of locks that have developed a problem, you can call them at anytime and they will be glad to help. They are reachable at any time of the day and respond with a sense of urgency. They do not want you to be locked out of your home or office. They do not charge late-hours fees for the services given after the normal working hours. If you have lost some key, kindly let them assist you to get back to your home or office in the shortest time. Know how to install magnetic door locks dc here!